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safety features


Hand crafted in Great Britain ALX are renowned for being the industry leader in their safety. After a decade of excellence and being accredited by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) it’s safe to say we have learnt a lot over the years! 


ALX were the first Horsebox company to team up with the Fire & Rescue service with the aim of improving transport safety across the equine world. 

ALX didn’t stop there, we also teamed up with the Royal Vetenary College to really understand and learn the implications of unsafe horseboxes and how marginal gains do have an effect on your horses’ safety and health. 

When you choose to purchase an ALX Horsebox you are buying into our Team ALX ethos and will receive a first class service throughout the process including the peace of mind of having a safe and strong horsebox. We have someone on hand 365 days a year, a fully operational aftersales department and our staff are equestrians themselves so really do try to go the extra mile for you and your horse.

This is what they had to say:

“Having worked closely with Alexanders Horseboxes it's clearly visible that their goal is one of safety. They're passionate about safety and animal welfare and continually question what can be done better with regards to these matter”

We are a testament to our reviews and following, our brand is proven to be quality and unlike some market leaders we stand by our previous product and would love to take your Alexanders Horsebox in part exchange for a new ALX. We have proven to stand the test of time and continue to retail 12 year old plus Alexanders and even provide a warranty!


We are the standard at which others have been judged against over the years and are proud of our build quality, we constantly invest in re-development to improve. We go to every extreme length and complete every test we possibly can to really prove that we do build the stongest and safest horseboxes!


“We take your safety seriously”

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