ALX dual layer floor

dual layer floor-1.png

As we have seen over the years there has been many tragic events and accidents surrounding the floor material used in horsebox construction. This is something here at ALX we are extremely passionate about and have heavily invested in to try and find the safest and strongest solution for you and your horses. 

We have tested composite, steel, aluminium and wood floors over the years, and nothing can beat our current dual layered floor for its strength and longevity in safety. We use a platform cab which is the professional coach builders specialised cab as it comes purpose built ready for a body builder to add their infrastructure onto the back. 

Therefore, it already has a pre-installed steel chassis floor which we take the extra step by adding extra welding to reinforce it further. We then underseal the chassis which protects it from the external road and weather elements*, thus in time will help stop rot, erosion, and corrosion to the chassis. There is no point having a super strong floor from the inside if it can fail from underneath. 

All new ALX Horseboxes are undersealed - not all other brands do this, so please check! 


We then use an aluminium plank floor which is fit directly on top of a membrane layer above the reinforced steel floor. Not only high strength and light weight the aluminium is also anti-rust which is future proofing the ownership of an ALX horsebox for many years to come. It is more expensive than other floor materials out there on the market and heavier in comparison to a composite floor, however the composite floor is plastic so will warp and loose its shape under the pressure of a horse over time. We cannot put a price on our customers and their horses’ lives; therefore, no stone has been left unturned when it comes to our research and development for the best safety standards. 

Finally, we use a shock absorption layer to ease the pressures on your horses’ joints and muscles whilst travelling and a heavy-duty grip mat then completes our floor. This is completely secured down and sealed, eliminating issue of bedding seeping down and lifting the mat over time. As the mat is heavy duty and similar to what you find in your stable, there is no need to use segmented floor mats as there isn’t a chance your horse will cut through or damage the mat to the extent that it will need replacing! 

We include sealed drainage holes at the back of the horse area so it can be easily washed down if needed. 


*We recommend that this underseal is carried out every 12 months which can be completed by our after sales department when it is due for servicing. We also recommend the horse area needs to be jet washed after every time a horse urinates and then left to dry to maximise the chance of the floor not corroding.