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We are proud to provide an ALX, Alexanders & LEHEL Horseboxes Aftersales Centre, offering partial and complete servicing for any size of Horsebox including:

  • Mechanical Safety Inspection

  • Mechanical Service (age / mileage dependant)

  • Ramp Servicing

  • MOT & VOSA Plating

  • Horse Floor Investigation & Replacement

  • Tyre Changing Services

  • Battery life testing

  • Body Repairs & Paintwork 

  • Part Only Supply (inc. courier delivery)

  • Pre-Season Check

  • Gas, Electric & Water Check 

  • Certification & Testing

  • Insurance Claims

  • Horsebox Safety Inspection

  • Horsebox Service

  • Living Area Inspection

  • Winter Inspection 

  • Warranty Claims

No booking is too small or too large, we would love to discuss your requirements further. Please do not  hesitate to contact our Aftersales Team below:

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