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Renault platform cab c-o.png

ALX Platform cab

ALX Horseboxes are able to use a platform cab that is supplied direct from the

manufacturer which is a specialist converters



It is supplied to us with no body and is a cab with a steel chassis

floor, but it is designed and strengthened to allow for the fact that an

approved body builder (as ourselves) will complete the build.


The steel floor is a great core strength and allows us to construct a complete

bonded body with combined streamlining and strength rather

than just a box being dropped onto a chassis. As it is a specialist custom

body it has a lower floor height allowing us to have a half ramp with a

small and safe angle.

We build all our ALX models with a complete aluminium planked floor right through to the living area (not all brands can say this). The final layer is our thick heavy duty rubber matting which has multiple drainage holes, and is fixed down for safety. Rather than using sectioned rubber matting which is not secure as horses pawing can pull them up during

travel, we adopted the full rubber mat and with it being heavy duty it is the same as stable rubber matting so should last the lifetime of the horsebox.
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