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ALX Reinforced Passenger Bulkhead

The most obvious and main feature for the bulkhead is to create an important

safety barrier between those in the cab from the horse. If the unimaginable

happens and a frontal impact crash occurs our ALX reinforced bulkhead makes

the real difference with the potential to save lives!


We build our own reinforced bulkhead which is seamlessly welded and attached

to the cab incorporating lateral strut work using over 25 metres of cross

membered grid framework steel. This is seamlessly welded together at 4 points

each using 5mof weld in 30mm steel box frame sections for maximum strength

and integrity.


You cannot weld an aluminium bulkhead to the steel OEM fixing points which

are already built onto the cab by the manufacturer. Therefore, ALX choose

steel framework within our bulkhead vs aluminium which allows us to keep you

and your horse as safe as possible in the event of an emergency. Proven to be

stronger than aluminium, non-susceptible to wave action and can repeatedly

take impact damage over time and not falter, structural steel is our choice of

material for longevity and safety.


Our bulkhead has been proven in a strength test by the Royal Veterinary

College and Humberside Fire and Rescue, these tests it has also been crash tested for 3 times the weight it needs to conform to ISO27956:2009.

bulkhead c-o.png
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