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ALX oversize

rear door

We pride ourselves on offering a safe and easy emergency

exit route on all our horseboxes, this means in the

worst-case scenario you know you have a safe exit for

your horse.


The ALX Oversize Rear door is 2000mm high and 815mm

wide allowing even the biggest of horses to still get 

through, we also use the same sizes for the internal door

from the horse area to the living area a clear emergency

exit route.


In the ALX 21s model, there are 2 individual 2 doors in

between the living area and horse area. As it is the stallion

model it allows you to tend to each horse individually as

they are separated by the full partition and headboard. In

the event of an emergency in this model, the centre door

locking strip is on a quick release system that easily pulls

away to leave a full open doorway.


Our doors have a strong gas rod on the top corner and a

heavy-duty leather stap on the bottom corner, thus making

sure the door hinge has ultimate strength and will

never be damaged if caught in the wind whilst open.


The ALX Oversize Rear door is only for emergency use, but

it gives the customer extra peace of mind that in the event

of an emergency that inhibits the use of the side ramp you

can still get your horse out of the horsebox safely.

oversize rear door c-o.png
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