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ALX safety innovations


Our ALX Ramp is the lightest on the market that is completely maintenance free! We have eliminated the need of gas struts, therefore the tension in the ramp will never alter throughout the horsebox’s life span. It also has a foot to hand action which helps those customers with back problems as they do not require to bend down, One flick of the toe underneath the ramp and it will travel up to your hand. This is a leading innovation and really needs to be seen to understand how much safer and practical it is to any other ramp.

Combined with the low-level platform cab, we have also integrated a raise on the ramp towards the entrance into the horse are allowing a continuous soft gradient. We also pride ourselves on the following points;

• Gone are the days of a step up into the horse area from the ramp, in conclusion we have avoided putting extra strain on your horses’ fetlock and tendons with potential injury points when un-loading.

• The need for a loose rubber cover over the ramp hinge which again is avoiding the need of ongoing maintenance when it cracks or rips due to horse shows/studs etc. It can also be a deterrent for bad loaders as they don’t know whether to stop on it or over it, and in conclusion is another accident in waiting


Our ALX Rear Step is not just practical and there for a sole purpose, it is also an added safety feature. We incorporate structural steel cross members seamlessly welded onto the chassis which sit under the fibre glass moulded rear facia. 

The full rear facia of the horsebox has been crash tested and proven to protect the rear of your horsebox from accidents as in a rear end accident this step will take the majority of the impact. 


Every internal access door from the living area to the horse area in our ALX Horseboxes has an ALX Safety Slam lock on it. This means in an emergency, or where a quick exit is needed from the horse area you can easily shut the door behind you without having to worry about the handle. It has a red easy lock unlock flick switch too which is the same on the external living area access door.

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