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Welcome to our Hall of ALX Ambassadors, being part of #TEAMALX is a huge honour and achievement for our riders and ALX are very proud to host such a diverse, unique and talented mix of equestrian individuals. ALX Horseboxes have sponsored the professionals, elite and Olympic riders over the past 15 years including: Geoff Billington, Shane Breen, Tina Fletcher, Scott Brash, Michael Owen, Emma Stoker, Michael Whitaker, Tim Stockdale and the list goes on. 


We have now decided to create a Team of diverse levels of ability and disciplines which represent the true Equestrians in the UK, we are wanting to support and work along side up and coming riders as well as professionals. Our riders have been carefully selected to be part of #TEAMALX by our Managing Director and Sales Manager to ensure our brand ethos is correctly represented through our Ambassadors. 


If you wish to be part of Team ALX Horseboxes we would love to hear from you and what you could bring to our Hall of Ambassadors, please email with your details, recent wins, ambitions and any photos to be considered.

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