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Born from a power of a dream in 2005, ALX Horseboxes has now been in business over 15 years. The founder, Alex, established the company when he was trying to purchase a horsebox for his wife and noticed the experience and product he was presented with could have been better. He felt there was a gap in the equine market for high quality vehicles, made by a brand with a fastidious attention to detail and an interest in horses and people. 

ALX quickly grew exponentially into a 22,000sq ft factory and showroom where our production reached over 200 horseboxes a year, having franchise partners as far as Australia to Switzerland. There was no doubt in our success and over the years we have won the Natwest and Ackrill Media Business of the year awards, become Renault/Renault Trucks approved, VCA approved and DEFRA certified.

The pillars of our foundations as a company and our team ethos were quickly established, they are the structure of our reputation that proceeds us:

• Safety first

• Enjoyable buying experience 

• Honesty and trust

• Creative design 

• Innovative ideas

ALX Horseboxes is the choice of professionals, and we have many Olympic competitors approach us from around the world to become part of Team ALX Horseboxes. Please refer to our back page to see what the best in the world have to say about ALX.

Over the years ALX Horseboxes have become a very valued brand for giving back to the Equestrian industry and we pride ourselves on our sponsorship and ambassador team. Consistently, we pledged over £200,000 a year to support UK Shows, as the manager’s board are equestrians themselves and predominantly in the show jumping sector it was only natural to be the biggest British Show jumping Sponsor.

From Vilamoura 3* Sunshine Tour, to the Supreme Hack at Hickstead, to Scope Festival Title sponsors or Royal Windsor Horse Show and Badminton Horse Trials main sponsor you can say we have “got around a bit!”. For 2022 we are really looking forward to returning and welcoming new and old customers back onto our famous ALX Horseboxes stand across a wide variety of shows. 

We wouldn’t be in the horsebox industry if we didn’t have a deep and strong passion for horses and the equine sector. It is for this reason and the horses in which we firmly believe in to why we put so much money back into the British Equestrian Sport. Our main shareholder is highly regarded in the Show Jumping industry for previously having a yard of over 35 elite horses, 9 full time Team ALX grooms which attracted some of the biggest star riders in the sport. 

Moving on to today’s times, ALX Horseboxes has its own range, designed in-house, manufactured in our dedicated factory in the UK and known across the world. We are open to conducting factory tours and we would love to welcome any potential customer to watch the dreams process happening in real life in our factory based in Norfolk. 

Juls Ekin is our recently appointed Managing Director, who purchased the brand in 2018 from Alex, he was so passionate to continue a much loved British brand that oozed with heritage, it made sense to lead from the forefront. A large proportion of our loyal and large customer base will know of Juls as he has been rooted into the brand since 2005 and since then worked his way up. As Scott Brash said, “ALX have pushed themselves hard to be the best, and that’s something I can relate to”, Juls has indeed been a testament to this quote since starting out as a Sales Executive. With a new director it only seemed fitting for a re-branded name to lead the company forward in our new direction.

Whatever brings you to us, our aim is to make the process as easy and as enjoyable for you as a customer as possible. We are always available to talk on the phone, or to sit down over a drink in our showroom. 

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