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Alexanders Horseboxes are a worldwide known name, but we started from humble beginnings and since then we have continued to expand and develop. 

“We are the standard by which others are judged”


Alexanders Horseboxes was founded in 2005 and quickly grew exponentially into a 22,000 sq ft factory and showroom. The pillars of our foundations as a company ethos were soon established to be:

• Safety first

• Enjoyable buying experience

• Honesty and trust

• Creative design 

• Innovative ideas

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 The Horsebox division was founded when the previous director was buying a horsebox for his family, he believed the experience he received and the quality on the market was poor so spotted an opportunity to build the best horseboxes and deliver an impeccable service in the meantime. 

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In 2018 the brand was taken over by the existing Sales Manager – Juls Ekin. Juls has been with the brand from the beginning, he has been the backbone and support in growing Alexanders so it only seemed fitting that when the opportunity came he continued it’s growth. 


Upon this takeover and COVID hitting the world in 2020 Alexanders took some time to re-design the brand into modern times, develop the horseboxes and improve build features. In 2021 we have re-branded as ALX Horseboxes which isn’t too far away from the roots of our previous name but brings a modern and fresh twist to the company. 

Over the years ALX Horseboxes have designed some of the most iconic horseboxes, been in partnership, endorsed and approved by the VCA and RVC, approved by Renault trucks and won countless awards. 


Here at ALX we are horse lovers, owners, or riders ourselves and therefore the safety, practicality and design of our horseboxes are all based around our true equestrian experiences. We strive for perfection and constantly look to improve where we can so welcome any customer feedback. 

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We have a state-of-the-art indoor showroom hosting Horseboxes of all sizes ranging from 3.5T to 26T, when designing and choosing your options for your new ALX 21 Horsebox we are proud to present pure customisation and we can discuss any colour option as we have access to over 500 colours! We have a design team to create any graphics, patterns, or personalisation you may wish to add to any horsebox and our sales team are all equestrians themselves so they can really relate to your requirements. 

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You only need to see one of our horseboxes to appreciate their build quality and beauty, our friendly team would love to welcome you into our showroom based in North Yorkshire and provide you with a full unprecedented viewing of our new ALX 21 models. 


We are extremely grateful to our loyal customer base and following, our brand name and our team for making ALX such a success over the past decade. We look forward to the future of welcoming more customers to our Team ALX Ethos and Family. 

“The world is now our Oyster, we are back in full force and we cannot wait to showcase our outstanding All New ALX 21 Range to our existing and potential new customers”

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Pippa Haigh,

Sales Manager