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lauren George

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ALX are incredibly proud to announce their partnership with Team George Dressage based out in Australia.


Lauren George manages a team of Olympic Dressage Horses of which one is based with Carl Hester and on the pathway for Paris! Not only has Lauren purchased an ALX but she is also now our Australian Agent, we have an importing licence and build the horseboxes to Australian conformity. 


Lauren has designed and created her own ALX horsebox to transport her; Stallions, Mare and Foals and Olympic Team Dressage Horses. She wanted strength, safety and comfort for her horses with a brand that was renowned for quality. The added personalisation of colours, spray designs and leather seats with endless colour options and bespoke designs was just a bonus!!


Lauren is based in Queensland, where she can arrange viewings of her horsebox and discuss options and specification.

📱0400 002 001


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