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tom Harrison

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Tom is a 16 year old Show Jumper from Surrey who has now been officially competing and riding for the past 6 years, however Tom has had the upbringing from his mum in the equestrian world and has always been surrounded by horses. Tom approached us to be an ALX Ambassador when he purchased our 18T LEHEL Portofino by ALX Demonstrator from us, we thought Tom would be a great advocate for our LEHEL partnership.


“As i have matured and I’m riding more I have learnt to just enjoy the animals and work with them to get the best out of each horse”


Tom skipped Juniors and Ponies and went straight into the deep end competing in BSJA Seniors and has had a great success ever since. He owns 2 horses; Cheek a 14 year old warmblood gelding and MTH Sossusvlei Sunrise an 8 year old Irish sports horse. Cheek is a sensitive ride and has really helped teach Tom to learn to ride with compassion and sensitivity, he has developed great horsemanship and to be able to get the best out of his horses. He also tries to ride many different horses with his trainer which as Tom puts it is invaluable experience.


“I am very fortunate that i love to work hard and i think a good work ethic is absolutely vital to achieve your goals in this sports”


“My aims for the future is to start to develop a bigger string of horses and one day run my own yard and develop my own business”


  • 6th Speed Class - Wellington CSI** 2021

  • 2nd Members Cup - Hartpury Showjumping Spectacular 2021

  • 10th 1* Jump off – Bolesworth CSI**

  • 3rd Final Championship – Keysoe Summer Showjumping Premier 2021

  • 7th Showjumping Series – Chard CSI**

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