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French agent

ALX Horseboxes are proud to announce that from 2023 we are working with LBL Horse Trucks to help bring our product to France!


Ophelie and Benjamin Rouille are the owners of LBL Horse Trucks based in Fontenay, France. LBL is an already established business for repairs and maintenance on existing horseboxes, they will be able to provide support and regular servicing on your current ALX horsbeox going forward. 


“I researched and found what I believe to be the leader in the market for horse trucks/transportation within ALX Horseboxes, the ALX-21 is manufactured in the UK and is the best 2 stall horsebox in the UK. ALX bring a fresh and modern new approach to horseboxes not seen before on the European continent and ultimate customisation at an affordable price. Whilst the UK Office will work closely with the client to obtain best product design and results in a timely manner, I will facilitate the importing registration process with the client to ensure a smooth transition occurs”


We are un-rivalled on our build times, so much so that we can complete your horsebox in as little as 8 weeks from order to completed build, thus having a dramatic effect on your wait time in receiving your new horsebox. We will build your horsebox to French compliance and standards; we also adapt some of our build techniques to help with the heat and humidity your horsebox will experience in its new environment.


LBL Horse Trucks will source you a left-hand-drive chassis that is registered on French registration plates, organise for the chassis to be shipped to the UK and we will build your horsebox and ship it back. Your initial contact will need to be with Ophelie and at order stage our UK Head Office will be on hand with confirmation of practice and order.


To order your new horsebox, find more information out or book a viewing please contact:

UK Office –



LBL Horse Trucks

7 les courtes rues


Tel :

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