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ALX Horseboxes have been proudly in partnership with LEHEL since 2014 and are the only UK Official partnership for LEHEL. LEHEL need no introduction for their luxury, creativity, and versatility, allowing the upmost personalisation when ordering a 16T – 26T Horsebox. 


LEHEL were established in 1912 from a carriage driving family and is a family run business, their lives revolve around the equine industry meaning the horse area in a LEHEL is one of the best in the world and we believe there isn’t another out there like it. Safety, comfort, and luxury is evident in every horse area meaning you know during long distance journeys your horse will have the best journey it possibly could. 


Every LEHEL is built in the traditional way with no compromise. The best quality materials are used including aluminium, stainless steel, real wood, and reinforced double-glazed glass are all used to make probably the best built horsebox in the world. 


“When owning a LEHEL Horsebox you don’t only have a solution for a logistical challenge, but you become member of an elite club of people who know how to enjoy horses and horse activities at the highest level. This why our slogan is Beauty, function and freedom”


LEHEL have always been strong with inventions including the first ever reinforced continuous glass window system, multiple slide outs, and a 100% aluminium structure. 


LEHEL is dedicated to continuing in this re-investing method for the future, and spends a lot if its resources on inventions and developments, they have always provided this unique market with the best ever solution for transporting horses and living away at events.

Every LEHEL Horsebox is a unique prototype, however they are derived from the 2 core models which is the entry model Portifino or the top of the range Predator. Designed and built for the customers’ requirements, in co-operation between partners, customers, designers and factory. 

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Since working with LEHEL, we have invested a huge amount of resources, money and time into developing a LEHEL horsebox for the UK market. This means any LEHEL by ALX is UK compliant for the full electric system and gas system including all appliances. We also change or adapt the generator to UK standards, and we have also developed a 10” touch screen control panel to work with all the switches in the living and horse area.


We can provide ongoing care, maintenance, and breakdown assistance from our fully qualified LEHEL technicians who are on hand for any assistance. We have spent a lot of time over at the LEHEL factory in Hungary and continue to brainstorm with the team out there, therefore we are the only place to go when thinking of purchasing your new LEHEL.