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Australian agent

ALX Horseboxes are proud to announce that from 2023 we are working with Team George Dressage to help bring our product to Australia!


Lauren, the founder, and owner of Team George is based in Brisbane and has chosen an ALX-21 AU to purchase and transport her Olympic team of Dressage Horses, Youngsters, Stallions, Mares and Foals. Being an advocate of the brand, it only seemed fitting that we joined forces to supply Australia with a safe and strong option 2 stall truck!


“I researched and found what I verily believe to be the leader in the market for horse trucks/transportation within ALX Horseboxes, the ALX-21 is manufactured in the UK and is the best 2 stall horsebox in the UK which will shortly become the market leader now it is available in Australia . This unit has now been modified to cope with Australian high humidity heat, different terrains and custom built to meet each individual’s needs. It is a first-class high quality product at a competitive price range in a short build completion time of 6-8 weeks with safety /comfort features being at the forefront of the design and build stage. Whilst the UK Office will work closely with the client to obtain best product design and results in a timely manner, I will facilitate the importing registration process with the client to ensure a smooth transition occurs”


We are un-rivalled on our build times, so much so that we can complete your horsebox in as little as 8 weeks from order to completed build, thus having a dramatic effect on your wait time in receiving your new horsebox. We will build your horsebox to AU compliance and standards; we also adapt some of our build techniques to help with the heat and humidity your horsebox will experience in its new environment.


You can purchase your horsebox direct from our UK Head Office and either use our Australian Agent to help you import your horsebox or you can import it yourself.


To order your new horsebox, find more information out or book a viewing please contact:

UK Office –


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