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We are proud to present our brand new ALX 21-U division who can create a

unique and one-off horsebox designed by “U”! 


ALX are the only horsebox company to offer complete personalisation across our range through our dedicated and bespoke team based at the same factory which has and continues to build our award-winning structures since 2005. Your horsebox can be tailored in anyway you want, for example, our own previous Alexanders Horseboxes customers can design the same layout they may currently have (they were so good we know many of you may not wish to change it, and who wouldn’t!) but this way we incorporate the love you have for your old horsebox with a new fresh, safer and in-demand ALX 21 model.


As this is a complete bespoke, personalised, and unique Horsebox it is only fitting that the ALX21-U will host a specifically designed branding pack that differs it from the rest. This will include: ALX 21-U badges, fully quilted and branded leather seats, ALX 21-U branding stickers and much more. During this exciting journey the customer experience will be completely dedicated to your personal requirements and upon placing a deposit and order you will receive a bespoke ALX book with your build, blue prints and pricing in which we recommend to be kept with the vehicle throughout its life as proof of a bespoke build. Photos along the way of build can be provided and exclusive ALX 21-U merchandise will be included upon handover. 


Please enquire for possibilities, prices and designs to bring your dream to life!

To enquire or to arrange a viewing - call 01423 740889
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Available from £49,995 + VAT