ALX is the new name for the renowned Alexanders Horseboxes who need no introduction, however a new name doesn’t mean we have lost any of what makes us so special! Our own designs, safety features and forward thinking brand decisions are at the top of the list for every horsebox here at ALX. 


From our very own industry leading collapsible breast bar system – other competitors try their best to imitate us but they cannot replicate the same safety enhanced pins we use, you will only get the best collapsible breast bar by coming direct to ALX! To our original reinforced passenger bulkhead for ultimate safety when out on the road. We also still use our game changing composite roof, which was our own unique design by creating a one piece insulated roof made from modern composite materials.


Moving forward into todays era we have created the lightest ramp of all, with a hand-to-foot action that alleviates the pressure on a riders back every time it is lifted. Not only that, but gone is the step into the horse area as we have enhanced our ramp to include a low angle entry point which eases any tension on the horses tendons and ligaments. We have also added an integrated interior ramp  which abolishes the old-fashioned step up and means an overall safer loading experience.


 Finally, we have taken the horse floor one step further by not only using the steel chassis floor, but by then applying an aluminium plank that runs all the way through into the living area too (not all manufacturers can say that), then finished with our ALX Composite gripping system for the final layer. As you can see each and every one of our horsebox's are purely designed with safety and comfort at the forefront of our mind. 


Over the years Alexanders have designed some of the most iconic horseboxes, been in partnership with the VCA and RVC, was approved by Renault trucks and won countless awards. On top of the manufacture warranty ALX will provide a 12 month body warranty for paintwork, moving parts and mechanical issues to give you as the customer absolute peace of mind (T&C’s apply). We have a in-house Aftersales Department on hand with any technical or mechanical issues you may have or even just for routine work to keep your ALX investment in pristine condition. All ALX vehicles are designed, built and finished to very high standard to ensure you have total peace of mind whilst transporting your horses.


You only need to see one of our horseboxes to appreciate their build quality and beauty.


Our small and friendly team would love to welcome you into our showroom based in North Yorkshire and provide you with a full unprecedented viewing of our new ALX 21 models. 


Please see below the options we have available to offer.

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