In 1912 in a small Hungarian village a company was born. At the time the main method of transport was the horse drawn carriage. This demand combined with the opportunities given by the Local National Stud inspired the the Jámbor family to set up a wheelwright company and to produce commercial and ceremonial carriages.


The first and second world wars and communism in Hungary meant that the company diversified and adapted to survive these tumultuous times. Then, in 1989 Jámbor Vilmos, a horse enthusiast and carriage driving fanatic decided to resurrect the traditions of Lehel. Shortly after the first carriage rolled out of the workshop and Lehel has returned to its roots.


The company went from strength to strength producing competition and ceremonial vehicles with a customer list that included top sports stars and the household of the British Royal Family.

During an event in Windsor in 1996 an idea was born to create the company we know today as Lehel Coachbuilders.

 In order to achieve success, quality had to be the first and foremost. Inspiration was drawn from from the luxury yacht industry to create Lehel Virage Luxury range. Revolutionary at the time with an all aluminium construction, the first ever continuous window system, solid wood interior, multiple slide outs highly polished stainless steel interiors and much more. Lehel was now seen as the trend setter. Our technology and designs such as the continuous windows and pop out spaces are regularly copied most other manufacturers

Since then the product range of the company was expanded including partnerships with Zengő Motorsport, a WTCC racing team which opened the door to the motor racing world including the Red Bull Junior Racing Team.

The Special Operations Division of Lehel, is now the most versatile coachbuilding company in the world, involved in top Equestrian sport and running its own team in the world carriage driving championships, show jumping and dressage.

Infinite variety, versitility and creativity are the hallmarks of a lehel horsebox. Every lehel horsebox is built using traditional methods, with no compromise. The best quality materials, aluminium, stainless steel, real wood, Carbon Fibre and GRP are used to make the best horseboxes in the world. 

Lehel is dedicated to continuing this way, and continues to invest heavily in innovations and developments to provide horse owners with the best possible transport and living solutions for horse and rider.

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