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Eve is an International Show Jumper and British Show Jumping Accredited coach based in Cheshire. She has also been appointed as a Talent Pathway Riding Lead Coach for Pentathlon GB, all of this has been crammed into a short space of time as Eve only began riding aged 16yrs and doesn’t come from an equestrian background.


Eve is now a proud producer of younger horses and is a testament to her previous horses, she has impressed many of the elite with her talent and dedication and has gained a great team of support. 


“My parents didn’t know about horses but could see the love and commitment I had for the sport so my dad sold his motorbike and bought me my first horse horse! (For which I will be eternally grateful). That horse was a 6yr old Ranome Z which I produced to jumping 1.50m at the Area Trials and, I reluctantly sold for a substantial price” which helped me set up my business and invest in two more young horses to produce and start the process again!"


Eve has produced and sold several horses to international level, but one which she doesn’t think she will ever be able to part with is Shadow!


“He is just part of the family now! He has so much character and we have such a great partnership, I know him inside out, I can literally tell what he is thinking just by looking at his expression!!! When he’s in that ring he wants to win as much as me and he tries his heart out for me!”


We are proudly in partnership with Eve and are excited to watch her grow as she is currently building a team of horses ready for 2022 with the long-term aim of representing Team GB at Senior Nations Cup Level.

  • 4th British Show Jumping Championships 1.40m GP Qualifier 2020

  • 4th Ladies & Gents Championship 2019

  • 2nd National Grade B Championship 2019

  • 1st Liverpool International 2018

  • 3rd Liverpool International 2018

  • 1st Hickstead 1.30m Championship 2017

  • 2nd Hickstead Grade C Championship 2017

  • 1st Valencia 1.40m GP 2017

  • 4th Horse Of The Year Show - Silver League 2017