ALX innovations

  • The horse area is up to 6 inches bigger than other competitors, if you have a horse transport company or large horses, we are the brand for you!


  • We have the lightest ramp on the market in the UK which is 100% aluminium and stainless steel, non-rotting, and maintenance free – which means NO GAS STRUTS!



  • Comfortable and heavy-duty rubber floor grip system combined with the horse area walls that are padded with cushions leading to a relaxed journey for your horses.


  • The rear facia of the horsebox is crash tested and includes cross members which are structurally strong and underlying in the step which protects the rear of your horsebox from accidents.



  • We have rubberised the wheel arch cone protectors in the horse area to protect your horse rather than leaving them exposed fibre glass like other brands. 


  • The head room in the horse area is almost 15cm taller in an ALX than other brands allowing the taller 17.2hh – 18.2hh horses to travel comfortably.



  • We underseal all of our horseboxes to maintain an intact undercarriage and chassis floor, this allows for a long life-span and no need for welding with correct the upkeep.


  • Our ramp angle is integrated into the horse area floor so there is no need for a steep angle, step, or flappy piece of rubber to protect the hinge. This is a leading innovation and really needs to be seen to understand how much safer and practical it is to any other ramp.