ALX Reinforced Passenger Bulkhead

The most obvious and main feature for the bulkhead is to create an important safety barrier between those in the cab from the horse. If the unimaginable happens and a frontal impact crash occurs our ALX reinforced bulkhead makes the real difference with the potential to save lives!

ALX Bulkhead.png

We build our own wall attached to the cab with lateral strut work using 35 metres of cross memebered grid framework steel which is in 30mm steel box frame sections, seamlessly welded for maximum strength and integrity. (This is double the amount of other leading horsebox companies!)


Our bulkhead has been proven in a strength test by the Worlds strongest Man, it has also been tested over 3 times the weight it needs to be in a crash impact test and finally as it is an approved safety feature… we set the standards others now follow.